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Brightwing asked us to improve their website's job portal and its explanation of their recruiting process and we did. When we met with them, they had a clear sense of who they were — a team of professionals that go beyond conventional models to match the right people with the right workplace by getting to know the person behind the job skills.

We latched on to the idea of "beyond the conventional" creating a whimsical, four-step slideshow animation that captures the essence of how a Brightwing recruiter matches a candidate with the perfect career. We also opted for a much more engaging — and unconventional — way to introduce users to the Brightwing team of professionals. Scrapping the standard headshot and bio, we choose to use more causal photos with slapstick rollover comments, giving users a personal peak into the lives of the Brightwing people who might eventually be asking them to share personal facts about themselves.

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