Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers

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Tweak your website's look and feel to align with the corporate brand.

One of our clients, Comtrex LLC, was acquired by Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. in 2013 and needed a website facelift to be on brand with Mitsubishi's corporate style. Comtrex was acquired because of their innovation in the plastics indsutry and they had previously seeked us out for our innovative design to produce their logo and website. They manufacture and sell PVC compounds, thermoplastic vulcanizates and other TPEs in the automotive, industrial and consumer goods markets. Of course we already knew this, which helped us easliy transition the original design into a Mitsubishi branded web site. We strengthened a current relationship and gained one more satisfied customer in the process.

When you need to adjust your look and feel to align with a new brand, think Octane Desing and contact us.

Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers

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