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Translating a branding initiative into a living, breathing website takes talent, teamwork and tenacity.

BIGGBY Coffee is a Michigan-based, privately owned coffee franchise. They're quite renowned in these parts for their creamy lattes, basic brews and laid-back attitude.

In 2016, BiGGBY reimagined their branding, coming up with its new snappy brand statement and public slogan, "We Exist to Love People." They wanted this new branding to translate into a website -- one built expressly for this purpose.

Enter Octane Design.

Partnering once again with longtime colleague iwerk (who did the programming), we engaged the BIGGBY team in our concept development process, creating and sharing a digital roadmap, sitemap and clickable wireframes through InVision for review, brainstorming and eventual approval.

Using BIGGBY's existing brand guidelines as a baseline (colors and fonts), we then completely redesigned their website, leading its art direction and reorganizing information and incorporating a variety of new interactive components to engage users, including:

  • An interactive location map to find the nearest BIGGBY location
  • A drink selector and viewer that lets users click on any drink and see its ingredients and even change the recipe and find out how that alters drink characteristics such as caloric content
  • An "Our Team" section that helps give site visitors a feel for what it's like to be part of the BIGGBY Nation

The new and improved version of the BIGGBY website launched in 2017. The language is engaging, the photos feel like family and the site is just plain fun to navigate -- a comfortable resting spot on the internet designed to impart the familial atmosphere that personifies the BIGGBY brand.

Visit the BIGGBY Coffee website.

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