The Henry Ford Magazine

Publication Design and Editorial Direction

Tell compelling stories to build better awareness.

The Henry Ford searched us out in 2011 and asked what we thought of its visitor guide. We said we thought it could be better and proposed how. Since then, we have helped The Henry Ford create a biannual publication far beyond a simple visitor’s guide that tells you what to see and do when you visit the complex in Dearborn. We developed a magazine that blends design elements and images historical and nontraditional with copy sometimes unconventional. We have guided editorial content so it explores relevant trends, topics and innovations in unexpected ways. At the same time, the publication connects readers in engaging ways to the assets, events and people of The Henry Ford.

The Henry Ford Magazine is building the brand and building national awareness for The Henry Ford as a premier destination, educational institution and overall think tank of innovation.

In a recent marketing awareness survey, The Henry Ford saw the magazine's numbers more than double, from 12 percent to 26 percent, as a primary source of user information. Only The Henry Ford website ranks higher.

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