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Don't sweat it. We've got this.

Jeff Schattner had a vision for men that sweat more than others. After years of working out of his garage, he officially formed the Lawrence Hunt professional performance clothing brand in 2014 because he believed that a dress shirt worn at the office or to a formal occasion should be as comfortable, functional and stylish as the shirt worn on the golf course. It should breath, feel like a second skin and you shouldn't have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains when you lift up your arms.

While Jeff had successfully launched his first line of patent-pending shirts with wicking technology, he was missing a couple of real important steps in reaching thousands of potential customers. He needed quality photography of his product and he needed a professional-looking website that was worthy of the higher-end fashion brand Lawrence Hunt wanted to be in the marketplace.

That's where Octane came in. Introduced to us by our programming pals at iwerk, Jeff explained his vision and we quickly knew how we could help him bring it to life.

We designed a slick home page that tells the story and technology of the dress shirts with wicking ways. To truly captured the full spirit of Lawrence Hunt, Octane also pinged Detroit area-based photographer Heather Saunders -- she's got nearly 20 years of professional photography experience and has bride magazines and editions of Vogue on her resume -- to photograph the shirts, models and all the product details.

Once we had beautiful images to work with, we were able to design a website that not only fully explains how the product stands out, but makes the clothing line look simply marvelous. Plus, we let iwerk work their magic and integrate a Shopify e-commerce shopping system so the client can easily update the site as needed.

This project was a ton of fun from start to finish. More importantly, Lawrence Hunt is successfully selling shirts online and continues to grow as a brand.

Visit the Lawrence Hunt website.

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