A Whole New Look For A Chemical Company

Tri-Chem came to us needing a new website, and what it got was a whole brand overhaul.

When we started working with Tri-Chem, we soon realized that there was something unique about the company and that we really needed to capture its energy and attitude in order to make the website a success. The end result was expanding a web design project to include a refreshed logo, high-quality product photography and development of a tone of voice.

The challenge was creating a site that was both visually appealing and robust enough to handle the company's thousands of products. What we landed on was a site rich with photography and texture that not only reflects strength and attitude but entices visitors to have fun and explore.

If you would like to take a more unconventional approach with your next website design or want to gain a clearer sense of your brand, contact us.

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