Visit Detroit Magazine

Publication Design and Editorial Direction

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We’ve been producing Visit Detroit magazine for the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau since before 2000. It’s a complete travel guide for metro Detroit, has won lots of awards and is the bureau’s most widely distributed publication. And in 2013, it got a new look.

Never content to sit back and watch the grass grow, we made the move in 2012 and asked the DMCVB if they were ready to redesign Visit Detroit. The magazine had just won a bunch of travel guide awards, was kicking butt in reader surveys — nearly 80 percent said they would visit Detroit after reading the magazine and nearly 70 percent said their perception of Detroit improved. Those are pretty good numbers. But we knew the magazine could do even more. We wanted it to reflect what people were seeing on the DMCVB’s website, so we picked up on the same categories and tabs. We wanted it to work in conjunction with all the SM channels the DMCVB was supporting, and we wanted the content and art to really play up the flavor of Detroit. We wanted the mag to be that quick-look insider city handbook — with maps. We’re feeling all warm and fuzzy about the final product.

View the digital version of Visit Detroit magazine.

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