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Putting Your Audience’s Needs First

Would you develop a skyscraper without a blueprint? Why build a website, one of your most important business tools, without a strategy that’s backed by research and thoughtful planning?

Set yourself up for success

Discovery may involve more time at the beginning of your project, but in the long run you’ll save time and money by setting guidelines for your web developers and designers so they can efficiently build your site. Plus, you’ll satisfy business goals and users’ needs, too.

By performing a competitive analysis, Google Analytics audits, persona development, content mapping, content planning and SEO and social media auditing, we’ll pave the way for a better website user experience and more user conversions.

Benefits of developing user journeys, personas and analytics roadmaps
  • Helps you understand what passion points excite your users
  • Gives your stakeholders and your information architects, designers and programmers an opportunity to discuss critical features for a redesign based on real users’ needs
  • Allows your team members to share a consistent understanding of your user group
  • Informs design decisions and helps information architects develop more useful wireframes and site architecture
  • Creates a path for empathy and a sense of understanding of your user groups
  • Helps your team form a better understanding about various users’ needs
  • Provides insight on how to speak to your audience for better “calls to action”
  • Gives insight into the behavior of your users
  • Validates what content is important
Why content planning is important
  • Makes for a smooth transition from the old site to the new site
  • Informs the design and page layout based on real copy and content
  • Keeps your project running smoothly to meet your launch date
  • Keeps your project on budget
  • Helps determine what old content needs to go and what is still valuable
  • Gives you a sense of how much new content needs to be created before launch
  • Leads to better design decisions
  • Creates a better user interface and feature set
  • Aligns your business objectives


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