Throwing a lifeline in a saturated insurance market

LifeSecure was getting lost in the complicated insurance crowd. We helped them establish the standout identity they were looking for.

Branding Website Design UI + UX

Challenge: Seeing insurance differently

LifeSecure sells supplemental insurance, but what they really do is offer expert guidance and answers to people’s insurance questions. We needed to create a brand that visually stood out from their competitor’s focus on products and jargon.


Strategy: Break the mold

To do that, we first aggregated and reorganized existing research that had been completed. Then, we partnered with their marketing team and C-level executives to conduct interviews of their customers and their employees to uncover who they are, what they do and why they do it. From there, we crafted their brand and positioning — also developing  an all-new visual style. We created a new logo, color palette, font treatments and voice and tone — all of which was detailed in vibrant brand guidelines to ensure consistency as the company created content and assets on their own.


Result: A powerful presence on all platforms

Along with the brand story and guidelines, we reworked the entire LifeSecure website, including new photography, updated information architecture, mobile-friendly design, and animated SVG files, giving their brand even more exposure and setting them further apart from their competitors.

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