Hudsonville Ice Cream

Web Design

No one says no to ice cream.

In 2016, Michigan-based Hudsonville Ice Cream came to Octane Design with what might be called a serious image problem. They looked like everyone else in the freezer.

After several meetings with their team, we realized that they were way more than an ice cream company. They’re true artisans of craft creamery, with a rich historical tradition dating back to 1895.

We quickly figured out that we needed to help this ice cream icon with more than a website redo. We needed to help them reposition and reinvigorate their brand with a digital strategy, interactive design and software development charged to create a completely new online presence.

The new launched summer 2016. Fair warning. You’re gonna scream for ice cream when you visit this site.

Unsolicited recommendation: Try the Tiger Traxx flavor.

Visit the Hudsonville Ice Cream website.

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