Pulling Your Reader In

The contents page in a magazine is always a challenging, yet fun, section to design.

It’s taking a feature or the whole theme of a magazine issue and representing it with one image. It’s like a mini cover. Over the years, we’ve done a range for The Henry Ford Magazine: hundreds of clothing labels for The Fashion Issue, a cake cut in the most equal and mathematically pleasing way for The Math Issue, letters carefully and precisely cut out of paper spelling “The Typography Issue.” Recently, we did a custom illustration for The Driven to Win Issue — a speeding racecar shooting across the page in a cloud of confetti — celebrating the culture, energy and passion of motorsports and the drive to follow your dreams. The confetti bits are parts of old racing photos from the online collections of The Henry Ford. The Confetti Car illustration was shortlisted for the 2020 Communication Arts Illustration Annual 39 and selected for the 2020 American Illustration Online Collection.

If you’re in need of editorial direction, custom publishing or illustration, we’re here to help.